NEXERA already has more than 1,000 orders from OSE


**NEXERA, the wholesale telecoms operator, already has more than a thousand orders from the Nationwide Education Network (Ogólnopolska Sieć Edukacyjna - OSE) for data transmission for schools. The number of educational institutions connected to the NEXERA network in which the OSE can provide access to the Internet is steadily growing and NEXERA is one of the largest partners of OSE in this respect.

900 addresses in 6 months**

At the end of November last year, the number of completed orders from the OSE for the transmission of data to schools with at least 100 Mb/s, was slightly above 100. Within 6 months the group of schools ready to use the potential of high-speed Internet thanks to NEXERA's investment increased more than ten times. The possibility to use high-speed connection to the Internet includes the possibility to introduce new, attractive teaching methods and better prepare students to work in new occupations that are formed as a result of the digitisation of the economy.

“This is another symbolic number on our way to constructing the first large wholesale fibre-optic access network operator. We are happy with the results, all the more that we have managed to accomplish it in difficult conditions we must meet for such a large, extensive geographic investment and despite the huge  construction and administrative challenges, which as an operator who today is de facto also a developer” stresses Paweł Biarda, Member of the NEXERA Management Board for Sales and Business Development.

**Bandwidth up to 1 Gb/s **

A single connection that NEXERA provides schools under the agreement signed with the Nationwide Education Network has a symmetric bandwidth of at least 100 Mb/s but technically, the wholesale operator is able to provide services with a bandwidth of even up to 1 Gb/s. The decision on the selection of the connection speed depends on the directors of the educational institutions. In accordance with the law, schools do not pay anything for a bandwidth of 100 Mb/s because the entire cost is covered by the OSE. * “We should remember that there may be several different educational institutions at one address to which we provide a connection. In such cases, we always recommend selecting the larger bandwidth that guarantees the possibility of implementing advanced educational projects and comfortably using the resources of the global network. Especially that the cost of access to the fastest, 1 Gb/s Internet, is small, as for the costs of functioning of the school”* notes Paweł Biarda from NEXERA.

Ultimately, the fast Internet access network developed by the wholesale telecommunications operator is to cover almost 3,000 educational facilities located in four NEXERA regions: Kujawy, Pomorze and Mazowsze, Warmia and Mazury, Lódzki and Świętokrzyski.