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Check which schools in your Region are already in the NEXERA network

Thanks to NEXERA's optical fibres, schools connected to the OSE network use ultra-high-speed Internet. Teachers conduct lessons based on modern teaching aids, and students and their parents use well-equipped multimedia rooms. Together, we create a network of educational institutions that prepare for challenges that the future will bring in the best way! Check which schools in the area we have already established cooperation with. Contact them and find out what they have gained by accessing our optical fibres.


We are offering our network in 4 Polish Regions. Check where we are building our network.

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Warmia & Mazury



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Kujawy, Pomorze

& Mazowsze Region


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locations of educational institutions




locations of educational institutions

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Check how to connect your school to OSE

How to connect your school to the OSE network?

The Act on the National Education Network guarantees that every school belonging to OSE shall use an Internet connection with a speed of at least 100Mbps. Such high-speed Internet enables the use of modern teaching aids and better prepares students for the challenges posed by the digital world. However, to run it and ensure stable operation proper infrastructure is needed. As NEXERA, we provide local schools with our fibre optics that make connection to OSE possible.

Do you know that your school can have an even faster connection?

In accordance with art. 5 point 2 and art. 8 clause 3 of the National Education Network Act each school within the NEXERA network is guaranteed a 100Mbps connection. Thanks to this you will be able to make better use of the digital educational opportunities that the high-speed Internet connection provides. At the same time, you can increase this speed at any time by ordering additional 50Mbps blocks.

Increase the speed by additional blocks:

Why is it worth joining the OSE Programme?

Access to high-speed internet

The possibility to use digital tools and educational content

Protection against malware

Monitoring of network threats and security

Protection of users against access to content that may pose a threat

Basic package of school infrastructure devices


How do we support Regions?

NEXERA conducts a number of activities supporting local communities and schools located in our Regions. We believe that what we do has a positive impact on the development of modern forms of education and the information society.