#RegionyNEXERY Report

Since 2019, we have been studying digital trends and the impact of the internet on the everyday life of residents of four Regions where we are building and developing a fibre optic network: Świętokrzyski, Łódzki, Kujawy, Pomorze & Mazowsze, and in the Warmia & Mazury Region. Thanks to the cyclical nature of the survey Raport #RegionyNEXERY is one of the most cross-sectional sources of knowledge about Polish internet users from areas where broadband access has so far been lacking or limited.

The #RegionyNEXERY2022 repor is the fourth installment of our original research, carried out by the GfK agency. This year, surveys were carried out in five groups: among residents, teachers, entrepreneurs, and officials from the NEXERA Regions and on a representative, nationwide sample. For the first time, this year’s report was published exclusively in digital form. This is another step toward reducing our impact on the environment, as part of the paperless approach..

The latest edition and all other editions of the report can be found TUTAJ.

This year's edition showed several interesting findings, including that according to residents of the NEXERA Regions access to high-speed internet improves the quality of their everyday life. It can also influence an increase in property values and the desire to move to smaller towns.

In many ways, residents of the NEXERA Regions value their localities, but we still have a lot to do to improve their attractiveness and awaken dormant potential. Access to broadband infrastructure is key on the road to sustainable development.

We invite you to read, analyse the data and compare trends over the years!