#RegionyNEXERY Report

We are building a fibre-optic network in the area of 4 Regions: Kujawy with Pomeranian and Mazowsze, Warmia and Mazury, Łódzkie and Świętokrzyskie. We decided to check what role access to a high-speed Internet network has for people living in these Regions. The first #RegionyNEXERY Report was created in 2019.

#RegionyNEXERY2021 Report: Time to Free the Potential of NEXERA Regions!

The third edition of the #RegionyNEXERY2021 Report is finally here. The publication is based on a survey conducted by the reputable research agency GfK in March and April 2021 among local residents, teachers, entrepreneurs and officials in four Polish Regions: Świętokrzyski, Łódzki, Kujawy, Pomorze & Mazowsze Region and Warmia & Mazury Region. This is one of the most comprehensive resources on Polish internet users in areas affected by non-existent or limited access to broadband internet.

Read our #RegionyNEXERY2021 Report.

The report is divided into 5 thematic sections:

• Daily Life • Business • Education • Government Offices • NEXERA Regions

While there are numerous surprises found in the statistics this is the third year in a row that we have reaffirmed the tremendous new opportunities for a higher quality life, work and business delivered by online connectivity. People in the NEXERA Regions do appreciate life in their communities yet much more remains to be done to improve their appeal and tap into the dormant local potential. Access to broadband infrastructure is critical to achieving sustainability.

#RegionyNEXERY2021 Report #RegionyNEXERY2021 Report

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