How is our network created?

The NEXERA network is created in cooperation with the inhabitants of the Region. The process itself is divided into several stages; before gigabytes of information flow through our optical fibre , we have to perform a whole series of works.

step 1

Network design

We are preparing a design of our network within a given area, and we are confirming the preselected address. We are verifying the feasibility of installing the fibre-optic network. Sometimes, for technical reasons, we are unable to build our network in some locations. At this stage, our most important objective is obtaining the necessary building permits. The faster we receive them, the quicker we will install our network, which will benefit yourself and your entire locality.

We don’t know yet when our services will be available.

step 2

Network installation

At this stage, our contractors are busy at work. The network installation process is divided into areas, which usually comprise several localities. The network is complete once the construction work is finished in all areas (all addresses), so please be patient. Although you may see the fibre-optic network installed on posts in your locality, this may not mean that the installation work is complete.

Services will be available in less than 9 months.

step 3

Network testing and registration

The network has been installed; however, before it is launched, we must ensure that our services are of suitable quality. We are checking if the infrastructure is compliant with the relevant guidelines, and we are conducting detailed measurements. Only once the network meets our strictest standards, will we be certain that our services will be supplied without any disruption.

Services will be available in the next month.

step 4

Our network is operational

Those residing within the network’s range can now choose from amongst various operators and enjoy ultrafast internet access of the highest quality. Residents who have already chosen their operator agree on the date of their connection to the network and that of the service launch.

Do you want to get the best offer from operators cooperating with us?

Check your address on the map and see which operators provide services in your area. Choose the best offer and enjoy the highest-speed internet!

Who should you contact?

Are you looking for an answer and you don't know who to address your question to? We are a wholesale operator, which is why in many cases this is a service provider who is able to dispel your doubts.

Contact your service provider if:

  • you want to receive an offer or order the internet service on NEXERA optical fibre
  • you have questions about installing or activating your internet service
  • you need support in network problem

You can search for operators selling Internet services on our network in your region using an interactive map.

Contact NEXERA if:

If you want to check the availability of our fibre-optic network in your location click HERE.

If you want to notify a damage to our network (e.g. loose cable) click HERE.

If you want to contact us with respect to another issue click HERE.

Also use the help of the Virtual Assistant:

  • in chat (available in the furniture, bottom corner of the page)
  • by phone number +48 22 233 07 00