Services on NEXERA networks provided by subsequent retail operators


Fortes and Proneteus join retail operators providing their services on NEXERA networks. Internet access with speeds up to 1 Gb/s and fibre-optic television are offered in the Świętokrzyski Region, covering the areas of Kielce (A + B) and Sandomiersko-Jędrzejowski (A).

A detailed breakdown of the Świętokrzyski Region is available at this address

Thus, residents of NEXERA Regions may use the fibre-optic network thanks to services already provided by four operators. In addition to the companies Fortes and Proneteus operating in the Świętokrzyski Region, Orange and RFC also provide services to all addresses available in the NEXERA network.  

We encourage residents to order services directly from the above-mentioned operators using our network.