case study

Opening of the Multimedia Education Centre at the Primary School in Górniki


Thanks to the support of NEXERA, the Primary School in Górniki (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship) has been equipped with a modern Multimedia Education Centre. It means higher quality of teaching due to access to modern, interactive forms of education, such as e-learning platforms, multimedia and didactic applications. The school in Górniki is one of the institutions connected by NEXERA as part of POPC.

The idea of the project is to create an interdisciplinary workshop using the latest technologies. The Multimedia Education Centre consists of:

  • 6 new computer stations,
  • modern projector.

The ultra-high-speed Internet provided by NEXERA allows students, teachers and parents to fully use the potential of multitek (teaching materials in electronic version) and e-learning platforms, and gives the opportunity to supplement the lesson material with video content. The school has already benefited from the digital education - now access to it is faster and easier.

- We decided to support the educational project of the Multimedia Education Centre at the school in Górniki, because we want to open new opportunities for local communities and give an impulse to change life in the regions - says Jacek Wiśniewski, president of the board of NEXERA. - We are especially pleased with the opportunity to support educational institutions. We provide the Educational Network Operator with data transmission services to schools, we are responsible for bringing the access network to all schools in the NEXERA regions. Thanks to high-speed and reliable Internet access, students and teachers gain new educational tools, benefit from new didactic methods and, for example, a chance to learn future professions.

The ceremonial opening, which took place on February 21, 2020, was attended by the director of the facility - Sławomir Staciwa, President of NEXERA - Jacek Wiśniewski, Mayor of the Municipality of Radoszyce - Michał Pękala, as well as representatives of the Parents' Council and teachers and students. The ceremony began with an assembly after which the director presented how internet access and modern multimedia educational solutions are used in classes. The whole ended in the newly created Multimedia Education Centre, where teams consisting of representatives of classes 5-8 and invited guests competed with each other in the general knowledge test carried out on the Kahoot platform at the newly created computer stations.

Out of all four NEXERA Regions, the Świętokrzyski Region is currently a leader in terms of the advancement of network construction. Branches in 455 locations are already connected to high-speed Internet. In the planned coverage of NEXERA in the Świętokrzyski Region there are a total of about 140 thousand households.