Open Allies Foundation - a platform for cooperation and experience exchange for entities focused on fibre optic wholesale business in Poland


In mid-January this year, Nexera together with Fiberhost, established the Open Allies Foundation - Poland's first industry organisation for the wholesale market. The organization is intended to be a platform for cooperation and experience exchange for entities focused on wholesale business. The activities of the foundation are managed by the Board, which consists of Marta Wojciechowska - CEO of Fiberhost and Jacek Wiśniewski - CEO of Nexera.

The most important objectives of the organisation include the promotion of wholesale access to fibre-optic networks, cooperation on legislation, regulatory and legal solutions, and supporting the development of FTTH networks by eliminating economic, administrative and legal barriers. As part of its statutory activities, the organisation will also undertake educational activities to disseminate knowledge in the field of telecommunications, with particular emphasis on activities aimed at developing the digital competence of the society.

“The establishment of the Open Allies Foundation is an idea based on thought leadership, created to support the promotion of wholesale fibre network access. Its concept is closely aligned with Nexera's goals of providing fast, stable and reliable access to the digital world in regions that have not yet had access to broadband Internet access. The model of open fibre optic networks is one of the best and most effective ways to connect small towns and rural areas, also allowing service providers to reach subscribers without having to implement completely new infrastructure themselves. We believe that the foundation will be a platform for fruitful cooperation between operators and will bring many benefits to the development of digitization in Poland,” said Jacek Wiśniewski, Nexera's CEO.

Activities aimed at the development of broadband telecommunications infrastructure will be implemented through media, information, education and social campaigns. The statute of the organisation also provides for the implementation of research projects, publishing activities, workshops and cooperation with the state administration, local government administration and non-governmental organisations.

The funders hope that more wholesale operators will soon get involved with the newly formed organisation.