NEXERA with new animated opening credits


We have introduced a new dynamic video jingle to Nexera’s identification elements. It reflects the speed, modernity and reliability of our network. The opening credits are based on a logotype animation and used the world’s fastest plane for its sound inspiration. Timecode Film Production is responsible for the project, and the author of the sound is Filip Kuncewicz, an award-winning film and advertising composer. You can watch the new opening credits on our Youtube channel.

The moving version of the logotype with its characteristic sound signal will complement the existing set of visual identification tools with modern, multimedia forms. The jingle is consistent with the existing graphic design and responds to the expectations of NEXERA users and customers.

“We are building an infrastructure for the online world and therefore, as an element of our branding, we need a moving version of the logotype tailored to the modern communication culture. Its purpose is to strengthen our image during conferences, business presentations, in advertising and our video materials. Wherever it is warranted, we will use the new element of identification. We also decided that the lockdown time is a good moment to go beyond the static form with our branding. The new reality in which the world has found itself has shown how important it is to quickly build a fibre-optic infrastructure. This is a very important moment for us, and we want to highlight it with this animation, which from today will accompany us in NEXERA communication,” said Paweł Biarda, Member of the Nexera Management Board for Sales and Business Development.

The Timecode Film Production house is responsible for the design and implementation of the animated opening credits, while the sound layer is the work of Filip Kuncewicz, an award-winning film and advertising composer.

The animation was created in three variations: nine, five and four seconds, and two language versions: Polish and English. The production uses a 2D animation technique and a binaural recording and mixing technique to give the impression of immersion in the sphere of sound. Additionally, the jingle is prepared for use in 360 technology.

You can see the new opening credits on YouTube: Link: 9-second version Link: 5-second version Link: 4-second version