NEXERA is a new member of Polish Electronics And Telecommunications Chamber Of Commerce


NEXERA became a member of one of the leading organizations associating companies from the electronics and telecommunications sector, i.e., the Polish Electronics and Telecommunications Chamber of Commerce. 

KIGEiT is an independent expert organization that represents its members, among others, in the regulation of the telecommunications market. “As one of the leading Polish fibre optic network operators and a participant of the largest Polish IT project, we are pleased with the vision of even closer cooperation with other market participants. We hope that cooperation for beneficial legislative and regulatory solutions will allow us to achieve the objective to deploy modern fibre optic networks and deliver the highest quality telecommunications services” says Jacek Wisniewski, President of the NEXERA management board. 

KIGEiT has existed since 1992 and actively participates in creating favourable conditions for the development and operation of the electronics and telecommunication sector, particularly in areas of legislative and regulatory solutions. “NEXERA’s openness to cooperation creates very transparent and favourable conditions for developing effective competition and increasing the attractiveness of the services offered. We believe that thanks to cooperation with other providers, NEXERA will make a significant contribution in the Chamber’s efforts to develop the Polish telecommunications market” says Eugeniusz Gaca, member of the management board and President of the KIGEiT telecommunications operators section. As the Chamber states on its website, its mission is to shape and propagate principles of ethics in business, especially in the framework of preventing unfair competition and unreliability. Currently, the Chamber associates 187 business entities, including companies involved in production, trade in services or research and development work in the area of electronics and telecommunications.