NEXERA acquired a fibre optic network from Telcent


Nexera is expanding its broadband coverage in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. The company has finalized the acquisition of Telcent fibre optic infrastructure covering 1,500 households located in the Jędrzejów commune. This is the second NEXERA’s asset acquisition carried out in 2020.

12 months for integration

As a result of the contract signed, Nexera acquired a broadband infrastructure from Telcent with a total length of 53 km. Another 1,500 households from the Świętokrzyski Region are within the range of the fibre optic network of this wholesale operator. Over the next 12 months, Nexera is going to conduct activities aimed at integrating Telcent's fibre optic infrastructure, which will enable its availability within a wholesale model to all interested retail operators. As a result, the residents of Jędrzejów and the surrounding area will gain access to a much wider range of telecommunications services, which will be offered not only by one but by many operators.

During the twelve-month integration period, Telcent will continue to provide services to its existing retail subscribers using the Nexera network in accordance with the concluded agreements. Residents will also be able to use the services of a new operator - Uninet - and transfer their telecommunications subscription agreements.

  • The acquisition of the Telcent network is another investment carried out by Nexera. We made the first transaction of this type with the Uninet operator at the end of July this year, which now provides retail services on the Nexera network. Acquisitions and integration of the existing fibre networks are, apart from own investments, an important element in establishing a wholesale operator with an access network with a range of 1 million households. Residents who are within the range of our network have a much wider choice of telecommunications services offered by both local and national operators. In some localities within the range of our network, residents can use the services of up to 7 retail operators via one link. It is a phenomenon on the Polish territory and a rare situation on a world scale - says Jacek Wiśniewski, CEO of Nexera.

  • The network acquisition contract is beneficial to both parties. Over the next twelve months, which is to be the network integration period, we will continue to provide services to our retail customers, which will allow us to complete all commitments. After this period, thanks to the network sale transaction, we will focus on our core business: designing and building telecommunications solutions that we successfully implement with our other company. Perhaps we will establish cooperation with Nexera in this area, bearing in mind our very good experience related to the transaction - says Paweł Bąk, co-owner of Telcent.

Residents need a broadband network

The use of the Internet is systematically increasing - both in Poland and in the Świętokrzyski Region. Increased use of the link also increases the expectations regarding its speed and quality. As shown by the Nexera’s #RegionyNEXERY2020 survey, over 63% of respondents from the Świętokrzyski Region are satisfied with the connection they have, but over half (51%) of those who use the Internet at home consider increasing its speed. 61% of residents believe that access to the Internet is more important than the number of transport connections to the city, and according to 93% of respondents, building a fast network will increase the region's investment attractiveness.

  • We want as many inhabitants as possible from our Regions to have access to the most modern digital services that will meet their requirements and needs in terms of using the link. That is why we are planning further investments located in the Regions, where we are already building a fibre-optic network. We want to contribute to reducing inequalities in access to telecommunications infrastructure, and thus open new opportunities for a better life, work and running a business in front of the inhabitants of areas, especially those less developed digitally - sums up Paweł Biarda, Member of the Management Board for Commercial Affairs at Nexera.