New operators will benefit from the NEXERA network


NEXERA expands the group of retail operators providing services using NEXERA’s fibre-optic network. Three new companies have joined this group: CELCOM, AVES (księż and VLINE (, which will offer residents of NEXERA Regions access to new services, such as Internet and fibre-optic television.

CELCOM will use NEXERA’s fibre-optic network in the Grudziądz area, where it will offer its subscribers Internet speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps and fibre-optic television.

AVES ( and VLINE will make their services available to the inhabitants of the Sieradz area. Customers will be able to use the Internet with speeds up to 700 Mbps and fibre-optic TV with the offer from AVES ( VLINE's offer includes access to TV and Internet with speeds up to 1,000 Mbps

Several retail operators are already using NEXERA’s fibre-optic networks. In addition to CELCOM, AVES and VLINE, NEXERA’s network also provide telecommunications services to homes, companies and institutions in the Regions, provided by such companies as Orange, RFC, Fortes, Uninet and Laser Proneteus Networks.

"NEXERA builds and manages a modern fibre-optic access network in four regions. This allows the inhabitants of these regions to have stable and high-speed internet access as well as other telecommunication services offered by national and local retail operators. Their group is growing steadily, which confirms that NEXERA is one of the most important telecommunication operators in Poland and a credible and important infrastructure provider opening new and innovative business opportunities,” says Paweł Biarda, member of the NEXERA Management Board.