Marek Józefiak, NEXERA’s new Chairman of the Supervisory Board


By a decision of the shareholders – Infracapital and Nokia – on 19 February 2021, Marek Józefiak was appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Nexera. The involvement of an experienced manager and telecommunications market expert confirms the ambitious development plans of the wholesale telecom operator.

Since the start of operations 3 years ago, Nexera has grown to become one of the most important providers of FTTH infrastructure in Poland, developing fibre-optic networks in areas with insufficient coverage and successfully integrating further acquisitions. The appointment of Marek Józefiak as Chairman of the Supervisory Board is a confirmation of the development and an important moment in the history of our organization. Marek has numerous successes in executive and non-executive positions. He brings strategic vision to the company, which will be crucial for our ability to further scale the business and consolidate Nexera as one of Poland’s leading telecom operators,” said Nikolaus Roessner of Infracapital, a Member of the Supervisory Board and its outgoing Chairman.

Nexera is the first in Poland exclusive wholesale operator of large-scale fibre-optic network access. The company is implementing infrastructure projects of importance for Poland under the Operational Programme Digital Poland (POPC), which aims to eliminate territorial differences in access to broadband internet. Nexera builds and manages a fibre-optic access network in four Polish regions: Łódzkie, Świętokrzyskie, Kujawy with Pomerania and Mazowsze as well as Warmia and Mazury. More than 1 million households are expected to be in the range of the most modern fibre-optic network.

Achieving such an ambitious goal of more than one million households requires not only adequate funding but also knowledge and extensive experience related to networking and the creation of an offer tailored to the needs of retail operators. Nexera has consistently implemented its plan by running one of Poland’s most interesting telecommunications projects, both in terms of the scale of investment, its impact on the development of Polish society and the innovation of the business model. The implementation of these ambitious plans requires the involvement of top-class specialists, and we have decided to entrust the management of Nexera’s Supervisory Board to Marek Józefiak,” says Stef van Aarle of Nokia.

Marek Józefiak is an experienced manager and expert in the telecommunications market, who in 1997-2006, managed the largest telecommunications companies in Poland (Polska Telefonia Komórkowa and then Telekomunikacja Polska – currently operating together as Orange Poland). Under his leadership in Polska Telefonia Komórkowa, Idea was created – the third GSM operator in Poland. Marek Józefiak was also responsible for launching the Orange brand in Poland. Managing the largest Polish telecommunications operator, he successfully conducted many complex transformation projects that combined aspects of regulation, inter-operator cooperation and business optimization. He also used his experience in the industry as a partner and strategic advisor in E&Y Polska, implementing and supervising projects for the largest Polish and international telecommunications companies.