Jacek Wisniewski honoured with prestigious award FTTH Individual Award 2022


Many of us can no longer imagine the world without Internet, and even less without high-speed Internet! Through constant development and aiming at goals, our company can again boast of another success. CEO of NEXERA, Jacek Wiśniewski, has been honoured with the prestigious FTTH Individual Award 2022. This special award is a recognition for people who have actively contributed to the acceleration of optical fibre network development in Europe. We have reason to be proud, don't we?

Award was granted by the industry organisation FTTH Council Europe - an association that aims to effectively develop technology and integrate stakeholders involved in the growth of fibre optic infrastructure in Europe. This prestigious establishment provides opportunities to collaborate and exchange experiences with leading technology companies operating in the European and international arena. During the annual meeting of the leading European optical fibre operators, the organisation awards industry prizes to entities that have particularly contributed to the development of FTTH networks in Europe.

  • I am very pleased with the award granted by the FTTH Council, because it proves that what we do in Nexera Regions is noticed and appreciated on the European arena. International experts confirm that our activities and services are at the highest European level. We also received a clear signal that the development of open fiber networks and broadband telecommunications infrastructure have great potential for growth and return on investment. It is worth working with passion and commitment, while exchanging experience with other industry representatives. It is also an appreciation of the hard work of the entire Nexera team over the past five years! - says Jacek Wiśniewski, Nexera's CEO.

  • The FTTH Individual Award is the highest honour for industry leaders for their efforts in developing FTTH networks in Europe. Jacek Wisniewski has contributed to the creation of one of the largest wholesale fiber optic network operators in Poland. In Nexera he built a team which in less than 5 years, with a relatively small number of employees, managed to launch an optical fiber network covering central and north-eastern Poland - from zero to over 300,000 household connections. This is a great success, proving at the same time the strategic vision and management skills of a great industry manager - says Eric Festraets, President of FTTH Council Europe.

Award ceremony took place on 24 May in Vienna during this year's FTTH Conference.