Do you know what silence consists of? Animation prepared for NEXERA awarded in the “Animation Action” Timecode competition


The animation created on the basis of Nexera’s brief by Kamila Szkolnik-Gołdyn was in the finals of the “Animation Action” Timecode competition and thus was considered one of the best works among the 189 applications submitted. The idea and the animation were also appreciated by Nexera, which awarded the author a special distinction.

The Timecode competition is open to all young people, animation makers, motion design enthusiasts and those who can tell an interesting story using animated images. The participants’ task was to create an animation in any technique for one of the six proposed soundtracks. The jury was composed of experts from the world of art, marketing communication, advertising agencies and production studios.

One of the finalists for this year’s competition is Kamila Szkolnik-Gołdyn, who created an animation for Nexera. The narrative is based on showing that being close to nature, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and rush, you can at the same time live in a modern world and use the Internet. New technologies offer unlimited conditions for growth, work and study, and Nexera’s fibre-optic network gives a chance to live a comfortable life to all those who do not want to give up on the charms of living outside the city.

“I am inspired by people who flee from the city and its rush to implement the slow-life concept and live in the rhythm of nature. I have not yet reached this point in my life, but I am in love with the very perspective of taking this step with my family one day. Opportunities for growth are becoming limitless with access to high-speed internet, so I know that life close to nature does not necessarily mean abandoning modern life and technology, and I will be able to successfully realize my passions away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Working on the animation for Nexera, I wanted my story to start mysteriously and symbolically, to make the viewer imagine what cannot be seen, i.e. silence. For my story, I used the colours of Nexera, and the strongest in my vision was the azure that appears in the fibre optics and emanates as power from almost every element of the scenery. In the final stage, where the view of mountains, forests and lakes becomes a view from a window, I used my own room. I would like to show in this way that I am completely captivated by the vision of having a similar place on earth - in beautiful Poland where I would be able to create and live in harmony with my needs to coexist with nature.” – explains Kamila Szkolnik-Gołdyn, author of the animation for Nexera.

“The animation that was created into our soundtrack perfectly illustrates our mission and purpose, so we decided to reward the author with a special award. We know how important technology is in today’s world and how many opportunities are open to us. Nexera not only develops its telecommunications infrastructure but above all, offers a chance for a comfortable life away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We don’t want to offer a choice but a solution that connects the world of nature and technology. The fibre-optic network that we are developing in four Polish Regions: Łódzkie, Świętokrzyskie, Kujawy with Pomerania and Mazowsze as well as Warmia and Mazury allows residents to combine the charms of living close to nature with the possibilities of large cities. We want the people of #RegionówNEXERY to enjoy a stable and strong connection without having to give up life in the beautiful and peaceful regions of our country. That was the inspiration for us to create the competition brief.” – says Paweł Biarda, Management Board Member, Chief Commercial Officer.

This year’s “Animation Action” was exceptional not only because of the formula that took place entirely remotely, due to the safety of the participants and the current situation but also because the event for the first time had a leading theme and was held under the slogan “Animation for the Planet”. All the competition themes were related to one of the most important problems of the modern world, namely environmental protection, sustainable development and civilization challenges.