CPPC workshops: setting new standards of inter-operator cooperation


On 27 January 2021, the Polish Office of Electronic Communications and the Digital Poland Project Centre (Centrum Projektów Polska Cyfrowa, CPPC) held special workshops dedicated to cooperation with potential operators using access to telecommunications infrastructure in the POPC network. NEXERA, as the only wholesale FTTH network operator and POPC (Operational Programme Digital Poland) beneficiary, was invited to participate in the workshop to present its own unique inter-operator cooperation model.

We are the only operator in Poland without a retail offer. Our task is to connect operators with Internet end users. We develop effective solutions that facilitate the onboarding process, streamline communication, and ultimately improve the quality of services available in the market. Our approach is founded on trust, partnership and equality – these are our guiding principles in our collaboration with both nationwide and local suppliers. Every retailer's success is our success, regardless of the operating scale. We are pleased to have been able to share our practices in inter-operator cooperation. We believe that the solutions proposed will initiate changes which, in the long run, will improve the efficiency and quality of services in the telecommunications market and set new standards for cooperation between providers – explains Paweł Biarda, Management Board Member and Head of Sales and Business Development at NEXERA, who took part in the CPPC workshops.

NEXERA has contracts with as many as 40 operators, with more than 20 of them already selling their services using NEXERA's fibre-optic network.

A detailed account of the workshop can be found at: