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Balmoso Investements

Balmoso Investements Sp. z.o.o.


Balmoso Investments Sp z o.o. is part of the NEXERA Group. This is a special purpose vehicle established for the construction of a co-financed fibre optic network under Operational Program Digital Poland in the area of Płock.


Balmoso Investments Sp. z o.o. is the beneficiary of competition conducted by the Digital Poland Projects Centre (Centrum Projektów Polska Cyfrowa - CPPC), in the framework of the third call within priority axis I of the Operational Program Digital Poland (Program Operacyjny Polska Cyfrowa - POPC) – “Universal access to fast internet”, Activity 1.1 “Eliminating territorial differences in the ability to access high bandwidth broadband Internet”. Thereby it acquired a decision on co-financing the construction of an optical fibre network with a minimum throughput of 100 Mb/s in the Płock area.


The composition of the management board of the Balmoso Investments Sp. z o.o. includes:

  • Jacek Wiśniewski – President of the Management Board,
  • Paweł Biarda – Member of the Management Board,
  • Paweł Hordyński – Member of the Management Board.