How to connect your company to NEXERA's fibre?

NEXERA is the operator of a modern fibre optic network. We invite all companies that want to have a fibre optic connection within the NEXERA network to cooperate and develop their potential by utilizing their access to ultra-high-speed Internet. We hereby present a simple fibre optic connection process.

step 1

Check coverage

Check if your company is within the NEXERA fibre network range.

step 2

Who will you ask for an offer?

Check which operators already provide telecommunications services on our fibre optics in your location. Our website lists operators who are ready to provide services on our network in your city.

NEXERA is a wholesale not a retail operator, i.e. we are an operator of fibre optic infrastructure, but we do not provide services directly to end users. This is an important distinction because we provide our optical fibres to retail operators, but services for end customers (e.g. internet access) are provided by telecommunications operators who have concluded a cooperation agreement with us.

step 3

Connection terms and conditions

The operators asked by you for their offer (e.g. Internet access) will contact NEXERA regarding the conditions for connecting to your building. NEXERA will provide operators with such connection terms and conditions. The Operators will present offers to you based on these terms and conditions.

step 4

Select an offer

The operators will present you with offers for services on optical fibres belonging to the NEXERA network. It is worth emphasizing that we guarantee equal and non-discriminatory access to our network for all operators with whom we cooperate. It may turn out that we cooperate with many operators in your area. Thanks to this, you will choose from a wider offer and decide on the most favourable conditions.

step 5

Order services and enjoy them!

After ordering the service by you, the Operator will request us to connect the building to the network and the telecommunications service for your company will be launched. You will be able to use the ultra-high-speed Internet provided by NEXERA optical fibres!

Do you want to receive the best possible offer from operators?

Check your address on the map and see which operators provide services at your address. Thanks to this you will get access to the fastest Internet at the most attractive price!