#NEXERAHeroes - everyone can be a hero


NEXERA presents its first Corporate Social Responsibility report, in which we summarize our efforts for a "better world". As a 28-person company, which has been on the market for 4 years only, we have conducted 15 social and charitable projects, providing not only financial support for selected organizations and associations, but also initiating assistance, where we worked with our own hands. By implementing the idea of our own CSR program, named NEXERA Heroes, we prove that everyone can be a hero, and even a small step can initiate many positive changes.

The NEXERA Heroes idea The cornerstone of our CSR activities is the NEXERA Heroes project, which is an in-house program implemented continuously since September 2018. The idea of the project was born spontaneously by employees who wanted to help those in need and have a real impact on the environment. Under NEXERA Heroes, employees were divided into four teams corresponding to the four NEXERA Regions. Each quarter, the teams add up the monthly number of steps walked by each member, and for every 1,000 steps walked, Nexera donates one zloty to a collectively agreed charity. The winning team that walks the biggest distance in a quarter gets to choose which organization or cause the funds go to. So far, the 28-member Nexera team has managed to walk 115,058,523 steps or almost 58,000 km together. By the end of 2020, only under the NEXERA Heroes Project, the company has supported seven organizations (e.g. the Special School and Educational Centre in Lidzbark Warmiński, Słoneczna Przyszłość Foundation in Busko Zdrój, the Society of the Friends of Children in Sieradz and four Nursing Homes), providing them with financial support of a total value of over PLN 115,000.

  • We believe that even one step can help. Since the beginning of our activity, we want to be close to the residents of our Regions, so we support the development of local communities not only in the sphere of digitization and access to telecommunication solutions. We do not forget that sometimes help in the most basic areas of life is crucial to be able to develop in other areas. NEXERA Heroes is a grassroots project, which was created by our employees and which showed us that everyone can be a hero. This isn’t our only CSR program - says Paweł Biarda, Member of the Board of Nexera.

Help within NEXERA reach Since 2018, we have taken part in numerous initiatives beyond the NEXERA Heroes program and organized our own social actions, such as cleaning up the area around Lake Turkusowe in Wapienniki and building dog kennels, which we then donated to a shelter in the Łódzki Region. We covered the cost of equipping a modern Multimedia Education Centre in a primary school in Górniki in the Świętokrzyski Region and financed four school directors from our Regions to participate in the Educational Leadership Academy of the Humanites Institute. Bearing in mind the difficult situation of Nursing Homes resulting from, among other factors, the COVID-19 pandemic, we twice provided financial support to Nursing Homes to the total value of PLN 80,000.

  • Our report could become a road sign for other companies that would also like to realize themselves in the area of corporate social responsibility. Perhaps it will become an inspiration to take this first step, which in the long run will translate into great and positive changes - says Paweł Biarda from Nexera.

NEXERA Heroes | CSR 2020 digital report is available for download at: HERE