Thanks to NEXERA fibre optics, your business will reach a higher level!

Discover the benefits of connecting to an ultra-high-speed fibre

Access to the most advanced networks can revolutionize the way your business uses broadband Internet

The development of your business is our priority.

We provide the most modern fibre optic infrastructure, thanks to which you can release your potential as an entrepreneur. It does not matter if you deal with tourism, education, logistics, operate in the e-commerce industry, run a farm or shop - access to the ultra-high-speed Internet is opening completely new possibilities for you.

Fibre optics you can make your life better.

A trouble-free fibre connection will allow you to focus on running your business. You will run business processes faster and more efficiently. You will develop your online business. You can do business, gain new customers and stay in touch with them without leaving your home. You will benefit from all the digital amenities without changing your place of residence!

Operators' offers tailored to your needs.

We provide our fibre optic network to many retail operators. It is up to you which offer you choose for your company. Changing the operator in the future is easy - no need to replace the cabling.

How to get connected to NEXERA's fibre?

NEXERA is the operator of a modern fibre optic network. We invite all companies that want to have a fibre optic connection within the NEXERA network to cooperate and develop their potential by utilizing their access to ultra-high-speed Internet.


Launch of the #RegionyNEXERY2023 report

Launch of the #RegionyNEXERY2023 report