We are supporting the HAU Music Helps project!


Animals also live in NEXERA Regions, and we help them too! Since the beginning of the NEXERA Heroes program, we have been enthusiastically participating in initiatives that increase the well-being of four-legged creatures. Thus, we happily joined another project that helps animals in need.

HAU Muzyka Pomaga is an interesting project that combines live music with charity auctions for animals, and its main goal is to support the Animal Shelter in Toruń. In early March, inspired by Miłosz Mickiewicz, our Sales Manager in the Kujawy, Pomorze & Mazowsze Region, we made a monetary donation to this initiative and also provided several dozen kilograms of high-quality food, which (we hope) will satisfy the appetites of dogs in Toruń for a long time.

Miłosz has been an ambassador for the project for years, and it was his enthusiasm that inspired us to get involved in helping. HAU Muzyka Pomaga is a great example of how you can combine your passion with charitable activities. The culmination of the campaign is a concert where you can not only listen to good music (including Miłosz's band), but also help the shelter with a donation or in-kind support.

"As part of NEXERA Heroes, we supported the Animal Shelter in Toruń by making donations and encouraging teams in each NEXERA region to collect food, which we later delivered to the shelter's residents. Working for those in need is rewarding and motivates us for further activities. Thanks to such initiatives, the amount of good deeds increases, and noble acts integrate the team, boost creativity, and foster internal bonds," comments Miłosz.

We also invite you to watch the video summarising the action and actively participate in our next charitable initiatives.