The First Stage of the University of Success Is Behind Us!


This is already the third edition of the University of Success programme organised by the Digital University Foundation, where Nexera is a partner. The programme is addressed to young women who are entering the labour market and searching for their passions. Thanks to our financial support, five participants are given the opportunity of taking part in this exceptional project which is aimed at gaining new digital and communication competence. In this year’s edition, one of the mentors is Paweł Horodyński, Nexera's management board member.

The University of Success is intended for women between 18 and 25 years of age, who often come from disadvantaged milieus. The programme primarily focuses on young women leaving children’s homes, care and educational facilities and persons who are in a difficult material or personal situation. As part of the University, the participants take part in workshops and specialist courses tailored to their interests and cooperate with vocational advisers and mentors. Under the supervision of specialists, they acquire new digital and communication competence to improve their chances at the labour market.

“Since the very beginning, Nexera has engaged in projects aimed at equalisation of opportunities and counteracting digital exclusion of Poles. Therefore, we are proud to support initiatives such as the University of Success and we are happy that thanks to our support, five young women will have the opportunity to participate in this very important programme. Participation in the programme was not only an impulse for learning new digital competence, which is indispensable at today’s labour market, but also an opportunity for finding their professional path and pursuing their passions,” says Paweł Horodyński, Nexera’s management board member.

The Digital University Foundation is offering a number of educational projects pertaining to the area of technological exclusion. As part of its operation, care leavers, children who attend youth community centres and children from disadvantaged milieus can learn the professions of the future.