The final of the 11th edition of the APLO - Akademia Przywództwa Liderów Oświaty (Leadership Academy of Educational Leaders) is behind us!


On 22 September, the Warsaw University of Technology Business School held a ceremony summarizing the 11th edition of the Leadership Academy of Educational Leaders of the Humanities Institute. This year, we were once again a partner of the project. Thanks to our financial support, 4 directors from NEXERA Regions had the opportunity to take part in an exceptional educational project aimed at developing executive and business competences among teachers.

“From the very beginning, Nexera has been involved in the lives of its residents, and the initiatives we are taking are responses to the real needs of local communities. The idea of APLO connects people with technology, contributes to educational objectives and aligns opportunities for children and young people from small towns and rural areas. The programme supports the development of directors - leaders who will competently use the potential of the Internet and technology in their work. This concept fits closely with our goals, which is why we decided to become a partner for both last year’s project and the current edition of the programme,” said Paweł Biarda, member of the Nexera Management Board.

“The pace of change in the world around us makes modern education a big problem to keep up with it. The pandemic showed that we need to strengthen people’s self-control, their ‘internal compass’ and their ability to think critically. Unfortunately, today’s key competences, such as the curiosity of the world, the ability to learn and unlearn, emotional intelligence, building relationships and cooperation, autonomy, perseverance or taking responsibility for decisions, are still not sufficiently developed. It is, therefore, all the more important that school directors are not only administrators but efficient leaders, capable of engaging teachers, pupils, parents and the school environment, in order to prepare the young generation not only for the next test but also for an independent, responsible and happier life,” adds Zofia Dzik, impact investor, entrepreneur and creator of the APLO.

Nexera is also a partner of the 12th edition of the APLO. 5 directors of NEXERA Regions are participating in the current workshop cycle of the Leadership Academy of Educational Leaders.