Six months of cooperation with the UA4UA project


UA4UA is an educational and social project that aims to help individuals who have fled the war in Ukraine to Poland. A Polish language learning system has been established within the framework of this initiative, in which lessons are conducted online by Ukrainians with a degree in Polish philology, and teaching experience. The overarching aim of the project is to help refugees start a new life in Poland by, for example, taking up a job matching the candidate's qualifications, studying at Polish schools and universities and integrating into the local community.

Between November and April this year, we transferred 60 thousand zlotys to the Loris Malaguzzi Wioski Foundation, which is responsible for the project. This amount, however, does not mean the end of our funding, as we will continue a further 10 thousand every month to the beneficiaries until the end of the year. The six months of cooperation on this worthwhile initiative are an ideal opportunity to take a historical look at the project, take stock of the resources invested, review the results achieved, and outline the perspective for the future.

NEXERA's financial support allowed as many as 99 Ukrainian refugees to learn the Polish language. This translated into a total of 500 hours of group lessons, i.e. 12.5 courses, which typically take 40 hours. The classes had an average of 8 participants. All the funds the Foundation received were used to pay salaries for the Ukrainian staff, i.e. the 3 language teachers and the coordinator. These are also people who have fled the war, with the work at the Foundation being the basis of their livelihood in Poland.

When selecting projects to support, we prioritise initiatives that have a real impact on the community and the environment. In doing so, we work with proven Partners who guarantee the effective use of donated funds. We believe in the power of change and want to make sure that our investments have a lasting and positive impact. Together, we can make our community and the world we live in a better place.