Report #RegionyNEXERY2023


The premiere of the fifth anniversary edition of our study will take place tomorrow. This is a great opportunity to analyze changes in the digital services market in Poland. We invite you to watch a video with members of NEXERA's Board, in which we encourage you to read the contents of the #RegionyNEXERY2023 report. It will be available on from 25 May.

The report not only describes the current situation, but also forecasts the evolution of services using multi-fibre in the four NEXERA Regions. Thanks to the collected data, we are able to better understand how specific parts of Poland have transformed over the years.

One of the main themes of the report is the development of fibre optic networks in smaller towns and cities. In an era of rapid growth in digital technologies, the summary focuses on how these services affect the daily lives of residents.

The paperless concept, i.e. the total elimination of paper and the publication of the report exclusively on, is our contribution to environmental protection. The online availability of the report fulfils our climate commitment, but also gives you the opportunity to read the report anywhere, anytime.