NEXERA on Radio ZW


At the end of February, we were invited to a publicist broadcast presented on the popular local radio station - Radio Ziemi Wieluńskiej. Grażyna Fedorowicz, Sales Director, and Paweł Mościcki, Regional Marketing Coordinator at NEXERA, took part in an inspiring discussion presenting a lot of interesting information concerning the activities of our company.

Our experts explained the mode of operation of the wholesale operator and the advantages of the open networks model, which allows residents of the NEXERA Regions to gain access to a broad package of telecommunications services. During the broadcast, the numerous qualities of fibre optic were presented, including the convenience of remote working and learning, as well as the possibility of using a rich spectrum of modern e-services. Over the recording, there was also plenty of information about the philanthropic activities carried as part of the NEXERA Heroes programme. The experts also touched on how the network levels the economic playing field in society.

The broadcast provided an excellent opportunity to show that NEXERA works on many levels, successfully combining business with responsible concern for the sustainability and well-being of society. The interview also highlighted the highest standards of customer service, which is a priority for the company. The entire recording can be found here.