NEXERA na FTTH Conference 2023


The next edition of the FTTH Conference took place in Madrid from 18-20 April 2023. This is a true celebration of the fibre optics industry in Europe, and during the three-day event, the organisers prepared as many as 22 panel sessions and 26 expert workshops for more than 3,000 participants. The lively discussions covered a wide range of FTTH topics, including educational strategy, regulatory policies and service promotion.

The theme of the conference was the importance of fibre as a key solution for the future of the gigabit society. During the event, participants also had the opportunity to make business contacts and exchange industry experiences. Many companies also presented their latest technologies, products and services related to broadband internet access.

This year, NEXERA fielded a very strong representation at the conference. The panel entitled “FTTH Rural Networks deployment” featured our General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer - Wojciech Dziomdziora. He outlined the situation in Poland, pointing out that in terms of FTTH roll-out and take-up we are just behind the EU average, which means that there is still a lot of work ahead of the industry. Our expert also pointed out that when it comes to the implementation and provision of services in rural areas, it is crucial to establish partnerships with local authorities, to maintain an ongoing dialogue with local communities and to have direct relations with business clients.

Our visit to the Spanish capital was extremely fruitful, and we are proud to once again set the tone on issues that determine the future of the fibre optic market in Poland and Europe.