NEXERA honoured with the Green Company 2022 certificate


In the annual plebiscite organised by Gazeta Finansowa, NEXERA was honoured with the Green Company 2022 certificate. Our pro-environmental activities received a lot of attention from the competition chapter. What is important, the presented projects have a long-term character and are strictly included in the sustainable development strategy consistently implemented by the company.

One of the biggest challenges facing modern society is the fight against the climate crisis. In order to fully exploit the potential of digitalisation on the road to sustainable development, internet access technology must be environmentally friendly. This premise is fulfilled by fibre-optic infrastructure, which is distinguished by its speed of data transmission, resistance to damage, and high energy savings and reliability, making it highly efficient, which has a measurable impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Dynamic digitalisation offers many new opportunities for environmental protection and the dissemination of eco-friendly lifestyles. We are aware of the potential of knowledge and technology in the pursuit of sustainable development, hence this commitment is closely embedded in our company's business strategy and activities.

NEXERA's green initiatives

SSince 1 March this year, all the energy required by NEXERA to provide services on its network has been green. This means that residents of NEXERA's Regions have the opportunity to benefit from energy-neutral internet access technology. The more than 800 power points we use are powered by environmentally generated electricity, with an annual consumption of 2 GWh.

At the heart of the implementation and development of environmentally friendly technologies is a dialogue with stakeholders, so we regularly survey the sentiments of local communities, and environmental awareness and protection issues are high on the agenda in this exchange. From 2019 onwards, we publish the numbers, trends and conclusions obtained from the local communities in the form of the #RegionyNEXERY report. This is one of the most cross-sectional sources of knowledge about Polish Internet users in areas where broadband access is lacking or limited. The current edition of the study, in line with the paperless concept, is only available online

We also do not forget about environmentally friendly solutions in our immediate We also do not forget about environmentally friendly solutions in our immediate surroundings. Last year's Christmas presents for employees and business partners were made entirely of ecological materials. Soon, we also plan to implement the idea of recycling into the branding department, which wants to produce its gadgets using used outdoor banners, thus implementing the #zerowaste concept.

"Pro-environmental activities are a constant part of our organisational culture. We are building a modern and most energy-efficient fibre-optic infrastructure, and our commitment to sustainability is manifested not only in the large-scale investments carried out in the Regions, but also in our daily dialogue with stakeholders and our day-to-day project work," - comments Jacek Wisniewski, CEO of NEXERA.