NEXERA has signed an agreement with UPC Polska on the access to fibre optic networks


NEXERA is going to provide wholesale services for UPC Polska. Thanks to the cooperation of our companies, all the residents of households connected to the fibre optic network built by NEXERA will be able to take advantage of the services offered by UPC. This is the effect of the infrastructure access agreement signed by the operators, which was created as part of the second and third edition of the Digital Poland Operational Program (POPC) competition.

* - NEXERA is implementing an important infrastructure project for Poland, which aims to eliminate territorial differences in access to fast broadband internet. We implement our mission consistently by building and managing fibre optic access network in four #NEXERY Regions. Thanks to our technology and cooperation with operators such as UPC, every household, enterprise, school and institution in a given Region will get a chance to use a fast and stable connection. We open new opportunities for local communities for a better, more interesting life, work and business *- said Jacek Wiśniewski, President of the NEXERA’s Board.