NEXERA's Tour of the Świętokrzyski Region


This year, we are continuing our series of meetings with residents in our Regions. In the last week of March, Jacek Cybulski, Regional Network Commercialisation Manager, and Paweł Mościcki, Regional Marketing Coordinator, attended community assembly in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski and the municipalities of Bodzechów and Kije.

On Tuesday 28 March, our representatives took part in an encounter organised by the Denków Estate Council in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski. They informed all those present about the completion of the next stage of the investment and the commissioning of new coverage on our network. Each of the meeting's participants received notice materials enabling them to contact the selected retail operators directly. Thanks to such brochures, all those interested can make the optimal choice of a fibre optic offer.

On the same day, we also met with residents of the Bodzechów municipality. We informed the audience that after the completion of the current investment in Bodzechów, more than 350 households will be able to use the fibre-optic cable. Representatives of telecommunications companies were also at the meeting to present their offerings in detail.

On Thursday, March 30, our plenipotentiaries held talks in the villages of Kije, Lipnik, Goluchow and Wola Żydowska in the municipality of Kije. In cooperation with the authorities, we presented the residents with the most important (and latest) information on the fibre optic infrastructure we are building. The event was attended by representatives of retail operators operating in the area, which particularly pleased the dwellers. Interested parties were able to obtain complete information about the services offered by a given service provider in one place.

Direct meetings with habitants of the Regions are a great opportunity to learn about local needs, exchange information and positive energy, which is why we welcome every opportunity to participate in such events.