NEXERA’s experts on Radio Ostrowie


On March 24th, Jacek Cybulski, Regional Sales Manager, and Paweł Mościcki, Regional Marketing Coordinator, were guests on the radio programme "W dobrym miejscu. W dobrym czasie" (In the right place. At the right time), broadcasted on Radio Ostrowiec.

The show featuring our experts is one of the most popular formats aired by the station, where the most important local are discussed. Due to the high interest of the local community, the subject of connecting to NEXERA's fibre optic internet was brought up during the show.

In the course of the engaging discussion, our experts delved into the current coverage and future development plans for the NEXERA network in the Ostrowiec district. Moreover, we extended an invitation to residents of Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski and Bodzechów commune to join our fibre optic consultations, where they will have the opportunity to ask direct questions and explore offers from various operators utilizing our wholesale infrastructure.

Thanks to fibre optic internet, residents of villages and small towns have access to fast and stable connection, opening up a wide range of digital services, such as remote work, e-learning, streaming of films and music. It also provides opportunities for the development of local businesses and integration of communities through easier access to information and communication with other regions and countries. We are very proud to be a part of this positive change!