Launch of the #RegionyNEXERY2023 report


Since the beginning of our activity, we have been conducting regular, proprietary research, thanks to which we know more and more about the digital preferences of the inhabitants of our Regions. The results of the analyses are published annually in the #RegionyNEXERY report. In it, we look at trends concerning remote working, handling official matters online, spending time on social media, as well as the use of online platforms offering access to culture and entertainment. The #RegionyNEXERY2023 report is once again based on a survey of five target groups: residents, teachers, entrepreneurs and civil servants, as well as a comparative, nationwide sample of citizens. Like last year, we published the current edition of the study exclusively digitally, in line with the #paperless concept.

The launch of our most significant research endevour brought us to the Łódzki Region, where we showcased the latest data, trends and figures from #RegionyNEXERY in the picturesque setting of the Magellan Hotel, located near the Sulejowski Reservoir. Over 150 employees were with us in the conference hall, with numerous online guests on the other side of the fiber optic, including members of NEXERA's Supervisory Board, representatives of government and local administration, members of industry chambers, representatives of the regulator, our business partners and media interested in the project.

The one-and-a-half-hour event was not enough time to fully immerse oneself in the digital landscape of non-urban Poland. Individual speeches were interspersed with video footage from the Regions, with the latest data presented on stage by Paweł Biarda and... artificial intelligence. The Polish and English versions of the report were published on a dedicated website at 12:00 on the dot, and the conference culminated in a panel discussion with our presidents. The conference ended with a Q&A session with the numerous online visitors. Motivated, inspired, and full of valuable knowledge, we headed off to our next activities, as the launch of the project was only the beginning of our several-day workshop and integration trip.

The next report in the #RegionyNEXERY series is coming 2024. You can read the results of the fifth-anniversary edition at