Climate Fresk, a collective journey through the ABCs of climate!


Last week, as part of our integration, our entire team of almost 150 people took part in Climate Fresk, an amazing three-hour workshop in which participants worked through key climate change issues. This was the largest initiative of its kind in Poland to date in terms of the number of participants attending simultaneously. During the intensive meeting, we explored the underlying causes of climate change and the resulting impacts on businesses, societies, and ecosystems.

Climate Fresk (La Fresque du Climat) is a training course in which dedicated teams learn about the mechanisms determining ecosystem change. In the workshop, under the guidance of an animator, participants assemble the eponymous fresco illustrating the links between the phenomena that make up climate change. They do so by using cards developed on the basis of scientific reports by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). The workshop was created by a Frenchman, Cédric Ringenbach, an engineer and lecturer in the area of sustainability at engineering universities. He is an expert on climate change and energy transition. Over 100,000 people have taken part in the project led by La Fresque du Climat animators since 2017. Among them were world political leaders gathered at COP25 in Madrid in December 2019 and at COP24 in Katowice. Now NEXERA has also joined this distinguished group.

During the activities, all groups engaged not only their intellect, but also their emotions. There was also plenty of discussion about priorities for the future. With this new strength, we are ready to act and spread good practices and attitudes on climate protection. Because caring for the environment is the sum of concrete actions to ensure a better future – not just for us, but also for the next generations.