“POPC Guide” – a new guide for residents on fibre-optic investments


Why is there no fibre-optic connected to my home? Where should I report the need for a broadband connection in my city? These are common questions asked by the inhabitants of NEXERA Regions. Experts from the Digital Poland Projects Centre (Centrum Projektów Polska Cyfrowa - CPPC), prepared a new version of the “POPC Guide” for people who are waiting for a fibre-optic network. The authors explain in the publication a number of pressing issues, including who can be connected to high-speed internet under the Operational Programme Digital Poland (Program Operacyjny Polska Cyfrowa - abbreviated as POPC), where to find information on investment plans and how to report the desire to connect an address to the fibre-optic network.

Residents can find out from the “POPC Guide” such things as · What is Operational Programme Digital Poland and what are the fundamental principles of its operation; · How the database of addresses without access to the fibre-optic is created and how to register your house in the registry; · What can hinder or prevent the process of delivering the fibre-optic to a given address; · Where to find a map of addresses that, according to the investment plan, will be covered by the fibre-optic network.

-"The “POPC Guide” is a very valuable publication showing the operating procedures of Operational Programme Digital Poland, of which NEXERA is a beneficiary. We want as many households in Poland as possible to be included in the Programme, that is why we are glad to have a guide designed to address their questions and to clarify their concerns in a simple and transparent manner. We are convinced that for many people this will be a valuable source of information on current and future fibre-optic investments.” explains Paweł Biarda, member of the Management Board in NEXERA.

The “POPC Guide” is available at: HERE

We encourage you to read it!